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Watch Stoke City vs Chelsea Live Stream Monday December 22 ,2014

Football England 2014/15 Premier League season has begun
England Football – Premier League 2014/2015 - Watch Stoke City vs Chelsea live stream online 12/22/2014.
Welcome my friends is the time to watch online live streaming Premier League 2014/2015. Where Stoke City receives to Chelsea at Britannia, Stoke-on-Trent.
The season will start on Saturday 16 August 2014 and will conclude on Sunday 24 May 2015
Don't miss this league very interesting. In England, Football is the sport that feeds the passionate and enthusiasm. Now I'm bringing to you, fans of European Football , the Premier League 2014/2015 tournament, where today play face to face two very good teams, both well known in England, both will trying to take the victory to keep adding, and give it a joy and pride to his fans who travel to the stadiums to encourage by his team and support them.

No doubt it will be a very exciting game you you can Watch the transmission on TV air channels in your country, or cable channels in your area so you can see Stoke City vs Chelsea.
If you're a fan of Premier League 2014/2015, don't miss this game and the score of Stoke City vs Chelsea Don't Forget Share with yours friends on Facebook this Game

Watch Stoke City vs Chelsea Online on the Internet broadcast
Game Date: Monday December 22 ,2014
England schedule of Play at 20:00 PM
Stadium: Britannia, Stoke-on-Trent
If you want to know at what time is the match Stoke City vs Chelsea, in the following table you can find it:

17:00hs Time Asunción, Paraguay
15:00hs Time Bogotá, Colombia
17:00hs Time Buenos Aires, Argentina
15:00hs Time Chicago, USA
15:00hs Time Guayaquil, Ecuador
13:00hs Time Los Angeles, USA
21:00hs Time Madrid, Spain
18:00hs Time Montevideo, Uruguay
16:00hs Time New York, USA
16:00hs Time Toronto, Canada
20:00hs Time Ireland, Dublin
21:00hs Time Rome, Italy
14:00hs Time San Jose, Costa Rica
17:00hs Time Sao Paulo, Brazil
20:00hs Time London, England
21:00hs Time Paris, France
17:00hs Time Santiago, Chile
15:00hs Time Lima, Peru
14:00hs Time Guatemala, Guatemala
15:00hs Time Panama, Panama
16:00hs Time La Paz, Bolivia
14:00hs Time Tegucigalpa, Honduras
00:00hs Time Moscow, Russia
14:00hs Time Federal District, Mexico
14:00hs Time Nicaragua, Managua

Don’t miss this game.

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